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The shelf-life of democracies | Eurozine

[ad_1] Adam Reichardt: How would you describe the changes in American society since Donald Trump became president? Are these even changes, or perhaps just part of the wider trend of the populist wave in western democracies?  George Blecher: I believe that Trump’s election is indeed part of a larger trend – a worldwide trend in […]

Control groups | Eurozine

Tobias Haberkorn: The title of your book, Nervous States, alludes...

Ni nujno res, kar pravi zemljevid

Spomnim se lahko treh točno določenih trenutkov, ko sem spoznal,...

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Trade War’s Pain May Deepen Even as Tensions Abate



The trade war hit the trucking industry at a vulnerable moment, said Aaron Terrazas, director of economic research at Convoy, a shipping-focused technology company. Trucking companies expanded aggressively in recent years, adding trucks and drivers more quickly than

What to Watch in the Impeachment Trial on Wednesday

WASHINGTON — After a marathon debate about how to conduct the impeachment trial, the Senate will formally move into the oral arguments phase...

Republicans Block Subpoenas for New Evidence as Impeachment Trial Begins

WASHINGTON — A divided Senate began the impeachment trial of President Trump on Tuesday in utter acrimony, as Republicans blocked Democrats’ efforts to...