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Untitled Goose Game LEGO Set Could Become Real If You Vote For It

[ad_1] Untitled Goose Game stole gamer hearts when it was released in 2019. But what if the horrible goose became a LEGO set? One user-created LEGO set submission on the Lego Ideas page could make that a reality.The LEGO Ideas site is an official platform where LEGO creators can submit custom sets that users can […]

PSA: Temtem Devs Working on Fixing Long Queues, Lag

The Pokemon-like MMO Temtem launched today in early access, and while fans have been experiencing server issues, lag, and long queue times, developer Crema is actively working on fixes. The...

The Long, Strange History of Dragon Ball Z Games

Between the original franchise, the more popular “Z” series, the divisive GT and the recent Super, we’ve seen Goku and friends shout, power up, and fight each other...

DOOM Eternal is F*****g Awesome

Ryan played three hours of Doom Eternal and gushes about it. Plus: a Splinter Cell veteran returns to Ubisoft - so what does it mean for the future...

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